Birdwatching holidays in Spain

We organise bird and wildlife watching holidays throughout Spain. Enjoy both our scheduled trips and tailor made proposals. Spain is the best European country to watch birds, due to the presence of endemic birds and the existence of large areas with a good state of conservation. With our birdwatching holidays in Spain you will discover the wild beauty of this land.

Strait of Gibraltar Tour: bird migration & cetaceans.

  Next tours:
02-08 September 2024
11-17 March 2025
01-07 September 2025

  7 days


  Query us about other dates or private holidays.

The main objective of this tour is enjoy the migration of raptors and explore the most interesting hotspots around the Strait of Gibraltar, including southern Doñana.



White-headed Duck, Northern Bald Ibis, migratory raptors…






SeaWetlands Scrubland Mountains

Andalucía Birding Tour: along the Guadalquivir River.

  Next tours:
26-31 May 2025

  6 days


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For 6 days, and following the way of the Guadalquivir, we will visit these areas: Cazorla, Sierra Morena, Seville Countryside and Doñana. That will let us discover the most of the Andalusian birds.



Marbled & White-headed Duck, Lammergeier, Bonelli’s & Spanish Imperial Eagle, Black Vulture, bustards…



Jaén, Córdoba, Seville & Cádiz



Mountains   Forest   Open forest   Countryside   Wetlands  Sea

Tailor-made Birding Holidays

Tailor-made Birding Holidays: That is your choice.

We can organize bird watching holidays in Spain depending on your targets, preferences, and time availability, feel free to ask us.

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