Birdwatching daytrips in Andalucía

Northern Doñana

The greatest European wetland.

The greatest diversity of birds and habitats that Doñana offers. Ricefields, lakes, marshlands, forest…and a long list of birds. ¡At only 30 km away from Seville!

Southern Doñana

Land and sea.

This area is the best in Doñana to observe the threatened Marbled Duck and White-headed Duck.  Balearic Shearwater and the rare Little Swift can also be spotted here.

Western Doñana

Huelva's Doñana.

Around El Rocío, we can find a great diversity of habitats and birds. In this area we have the best forests of Doñana and a lot of paths to enjoy birding and walking.

Seville Countryside

The land of the Bustards.

Our route for the steppeland birds: Great and Little Bustards, Black-bellied Sandgrouse, Rollers, Lesser Kestrels…And also so many different brackish lagoons.

Strait of Gibraltar

Between two continents.

It is one of best worldwide points to observe migrating raptors. Furthermore it is the land of the Northern Bald Ibis, one of the most threatened birds in the world.

Grazalema & Ronda

The last Spanish Fir forest.

Nice mountains to spot cliff raptors (Bonelli´s Eagle, Egyptian Vulture…) and mediterranean passerines. Also, it is one of the last refuges of the Spanish Fir tree.

Brazo del Este

The little Doñana.

This place is sometimes even better than Doñana. It has the advantage of keeping water in the summer season, collecting together a fantastic amount of birds.

Sierra Norte of Seville

The raptors paradise.

In this route the three biggest eagles: Spanish, Golden and Bonelli’s can be spotted. Also the Black and Griffon Vulture…and a lot of mediterranean passerines.

Tailor-made daytrips

That is your choice.

If you want to visit other areas which they are not among our usual daytrips, just ask us. We know perfectly all the Andalusian birding hotspots.