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Andalusia, located in southern Spain, and only 14 kilometers from Africa, holds a great diversity of habitats. From the sandy beaches and coastal wetlands, across impenetrable Mediterranean forest and scrubland, vast steppes and high mountains. That means a high diversity of birds in a relatively small area and makes birdwatching in Andalusia and amazing experience.

Among the different birdwatching hotspots in Andalusia, we can highlight Doñana National Park and the Strait of Gibraltar. Doñana is the most important wetland in western Europe and the Strait of Gibraltar one of the most important areas for migratory raptors all over the world.

In Andalusia, we can find all the endemic birds and near endemics of the Iberian Peninsula, like Spanish Eagle, Iberian (Azure-winged) Magpie, Iberian Chiffchaff, Iberian Green Woodpecker,… It is also home of birds endangered at a worldwide level like Dupont’s Lark, Marbled Duck, White-headed Duck … Here, you can take a look at the most wanted birds of Andalusia!

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Strait of Gibraltar: migration tour & cetaceans

  14th-20th September 2020


7 days

The main objective of this tour is enjoy the migration of raptors and explore the most interesting hotspots around the Strait of Gibraltar, including southern Doñana.

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