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We are enthusiastic birdwatchers and naturalists based in Seville, offering day trips in Western Andalusia and bird watching holidays around Spain. In addition to birdwatching tours, we offer other outdoor experiences such as Iberian Lynx watching, nature photography, botanic tours and hiking. Feel free to tell us your needs and we will be delighted to help you.

Why birdwatching from Seville?

Seville is really close to the Doñana National Park, the greatest european wetland. This is home to endangered birds such as the Spanish Imperial Eagle, Marbled Duck or Red-knobbed Coot. On the other hand, Seville is not far from the Strait of Gibraltar, one of the best spots in the world to observe the migration of raptors.

In addition, Seville is surrounded by diverse habitats where we can virtually find all the typical Andalusian birds, including the endemic and near endemic ones. The central and prominent position of Seville close to the best destinations for birdwatching in Western Andalusia, ensures that the city is an excellent starting point for a full day trip or even a half day visit. The schedule allows you to return to the city early in the evening to continue enjoying the andalusian culture, stunning sights and great food – and of course the fantastic weather.

Sevilla is also very close to Extremadura and have excellent road links. This means that we can organise tours (even day trips) from Seville to this renowned wildlife watching destination.

We can also organise pick-up in Jerez de la Frontera, El Rocío or anywhere in Western Andalusia.


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BEST DOÑANA TOURS. Nobody runs tours (for exceptional bird watching) quite as well as Doñana Wings, based in Sevilla.



  From 55

  4/10 hours

Southern Doñana Birding Day Trip

Around the mouth of the Guadalquivir, this is one of the best areas to see some of the most endangered species of Doñana. Prime site for waders, terns and gulls.


  From 55

  5/10 hours

Sierra Norte Birding Day Trip

In this route the five Spanish eagles: Imperial, Golden, Bonelli’s, Booted and Short-toed can be spotted. Also the Black and Griffon Vulture…and a lot of mediterranean passerines.


  From 50

  5 hours

Iberian Lynx Tour in Doñana

We will look for the Iberian lynx in areas of Mediterranean forest in and around Doñana. This area holds a good density of lynx thanks to the abundance of rabbits.



Enjoy with us birdwatching day trips from Seville or anywhere in Western Andalusia, and birding holidays to the best hotspots in southern Spain, Extremadura and beyond.


Doñana and its surroundings holds one of the most important Iberian Lynx populations. Explore the best areas for lynx with us, while also learning about the mediterranean forest ecosystem.

Iberian Lynx
Wildlife photography


Are you dreaming about the perfect photo of the sunset over the marshlands or is there a particular species you’re interested in photographing? Tell us what do you want and we will design a tailor-made extra long day trip to cover the moments with the best light.


Andalusia is host to a great botanical diversity due to its situation between Europe and Africa, and to the diversity of climates, soil and elevations. One of the most interesting groups are the orchids, of which there are about 65 species in Andalusia.

Orchid Tours


Discover with us the ever wild Andalusian mountains, spending a day out enjoying nature and breathtaking sceneries.

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Donana is a birding paradise with a huge number of species and great diversity. There can be no one better guide to take you around than Vicent from Donana Wings. Vicent loves birds (he has been birding since he was 10!) and knows Donana intimately. With his encyclopaediac knowledge he can identify any species in the park and he knows all the best spots to find even the rarest. Worth adding that my partner who is not a birder loved our day in Donana. Top day!

Ric simon
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My husband and I were recently in Spain for 10 days and had a wonderful time. A highlight of my visit was the 1/2 day birding trip I arranged with Donana Wings. It was fantastic! I am a novice birder (only a couple of years of birdwatching) and we saw 45 species in about 5 hours. My guide, Vicente, was incredibly knowledgable & very professional and personable. I learned a lot frorm him. I highly recommend this for birders and really anyone who enjoys nature and wants to experience Spain outside of the (wonderful) cities.

Suzanne Smith
Google Reviews
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Vicent is an excellent guide. He found all of the species I was looking for, quickly would set up his spotting scope so I got great looks at secretive warblers and other passerines, knew where all of the wetland birds were, and had info on local plants and culture. It was a wonderful birding trip!

Andrea Bennet
Google Reviews
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In early march birding pals Andreas and me, Heiko, booked a trip with Vicent to explore the Northern Donana area. Right from the beginning we could add species to our list as Vicent knew every corner where a stop was useful. It was not just an excellent day for raptors like Imperial Eagle, Black Shouldered Kite, Bonelli´s Eagle, Snake Eagle, Merlin, Lesser Kestrel and others but also waders and hundreds of egrets ans ibisses completed our bird list. Thanks for this great day out! We really recommend Vicent to any interested birder!

Heiko Ackerman
Google Reviews
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What a great way to spend a day when in Seville. If you are interested in birds or just nature I can fully recommend Donana Wings. Thanks to his knowledge of the region and bird life Vicent drove and walked me around wetlands and paddy fields expertly spotting and identifying a wide variety of bird life. We were able to identify over 65 different species including flocks of flamingo, black stork, white stork and glossy ibis. My favourites for the day were the Marbled Teal, Squacco Heron and Black-headed Weaver. Thank you so much for a great day.

James Holland
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We did a 4 days tour in Donana with Vicent mid September. We enjoyed it very much. I am a true bird lover and I appreciated every minute of this tour. Vicente knows perfectly each corner of Donana and where to found the various species.  I made lots of photos. Vicent prepared a book of Andalusian birds checklist in english, scientific name and in french and he noted the species we saw day by day. Vicent is really easy to leave with and he knows a lot of information about Andalusia. These four days were wonderful. I highly recommend this great bird watching tour.

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I am a novice birder and did a private 1/2 day tour with Vicente and it was really fantastic. He picked me up at my hotel and we were off. We saw 45 species that morning/early afternoon, including a couple of rare species (e.g. the marble duck). Vicente is incredibly knowledgable and personablel. I learned a lot from him. He knows the area and the birds so well - and can find and spot birds that I never would have found on my own. I was in Spain for 10 days and this was my favorite activity! Highly recommend!

John Clark
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I had such a wonderful experience on this half day trip! My only regret is that I didn't have more time for a longer tour. Vicent went out of his way to make sure we saw as much as possible. I got great looks at a variety of birds, and he always made sure I got scope looks when possible. I highly recommend any of the tours!

Ben Zerante
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Finding myself in Seville for a conference, I wanted to visit and bird the famous Doñana National Park. I establishing a responsive email interexchange with Vincent Esteller, and we arranged for one day birding adventure. He sent me the list of possible birds, which I review for targets, and he designed a specific itinerary to maximize our chances. Vicent drove us from place to place systematically seeing well all the species that I had listed. He is a knowledgeable and effective birding guide and a most enjoyable person. I highly recommend his guiding service.

Timothy earle
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